Parole Package, How do I File?

The Lawyer of Texas Parole Package have many years of experience with the preparation of parole packages. The complex rules of The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles make it very difficult for the average person to effectively present the information the Board badly wants, including a proper calculation of the assessment factors, as well as a proper presentation of supporting documentation. Merely writing letters of support is seldom enough. Free Consultation

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IMPORTANT! The earlier we can start on a parole package prior to eligibility, the better the results. Please try to give us a year to work on the package, as the Board rules now require submission of the parole package six months prior to eligibility.

The odds of obtaining parole are much higher with a skilled lawyer!

Parole of prisoners is handled by The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles. Although the official position of the Board is that a prisoner is not required to have an attorney when seeking parole, the overwhelming evidence suggests that a parole package cannot be successfully put together by a prisoner or his or her family; an experienced lawyer is needed. We know what the Board wants to hear, and perhaps nearly as important, we know what the Board does not want to hear. This is because an experienced attorney can objectively examine the facts concerning the particular applicant, organize the information in conformity with Board rules and present it to the Board in a logical, accurate and persuasive manner. Since a special form regarding legal fees must be filed timely, compliance with the rules is critical. Free Consultation

An Experienced Texas Parole Package Attorney Can Help

With over 34 years of trial experience, our parole attorney is one of a handful of attorneys who regularly present parole packages. Generally, one year before you or a family member becomes eligible for parole, you will want to retain an experienced attorney to assemble a parole package to be presented to The Texas Board of Pardon and Paroles. Free Consultation

I have recently completed and submitted a Parole Review Package for my man. I used information I found on this site, on numerous other sites, and developed from there. I took all the documents, placed them in clear sheet protectors, used a pack of 5 numbered tab dividers to separate the sections and put them in a braded folder. I am going to share the peices of it here. Let me know what you think. Mine is already off to the review board and I'm anxiously awaiting their answer. I just figure if any of this helps any of you, then great. Just edit it to fit your situation, as yours will be different than ours. So here goes.... Free Consultation

1st page- Cover Letter, with "Parole Review Plan" Inmates Name and Inmates TDCJ #, centered on page.

Pg 2. Table Of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Section 1: The Game Plan
  • The Parole Release Plan
  • Housing Confirmation
  • Transportation Confirmation
  • Section 2: Letter From (Inmates Name)
  • (Inmate Name)'s Personal Letter of Support
  • Section 3: Support Letters
  • Letter of Support from (My Name)
  • Letter of Support from (His Moms Name)
  • Letter of Support from (His Sisters Name)
  • Section 4: Community Resources
  • XXXXX County Christian Men's Job Corp
  • XXXXXXXX Church Young Adults Group
  • XXXXXX Area Narcotics Anonymous Schedule
  • XXXXXXXXXXX Alcoholics Anonymous Schedule
  • Section 5: Pictures
  • Pictures of (Inmates Name)
  • Pictures of Where He Will Live
  • Pictures of People Who Support (Inmate)

Parole Release Plan

    Prepared by: (My name) At the request of: (Inmates Name)

Opening Statement: (Inmates Name) has served nearly 3 years calendar time and accrued additional good time on his 12 year sentence. This is his first time in prison, and all his past offenses have been drug related. (Inmate) acknowledges that his poor decisions have placed him where he is and is remorseful for the impact those choices have had on his family and others. He has spent his time behind bars furthering his education, reconnecting with the God of his understanding, and learning work skills and tools to effectively handle his addiction. Today, (Inmate) has plans for a better future and desires the opportunity to become a productive, contributing member of society. If given the opportunity to parole, (Inmate) has a plan in place to ensure a successful transition back into the free world. This Parole Release Plan will outline the details. Free Consultation

  • Personal Statistics:
  • Date of Birth: 11/XX/197X Age: 3X Race: White
  • Height: 6' 01” Weight: 1X0 lbs Hair Color: Blonde Eyes: Blue
  • Marital Status: Single Children: Yes- Two Boys, ages X and X
  • Siblings: Yes- Two Sisters, ages 2X and 1X Place of Birth: (State)
  • DOC/TDCJ Offense and Sentence Information:
  • Significant Controlling Offense: MAN DEL CS PG 1>=4G<200G
  • Offense Category: Alcohol/Drug (Nonviolent, No Sex, No Title 5, No 3g)
  • County of Offense: XXXXX County Date of Offense: 03/20/2007
  • Felony Level: 1st Degree Felony Case/Cause #: 2007XXXXXX
  • Original Parole Eligibility Date: 08/29/2008 Outcome: Received Set Off
  • Max Discharge Date: 03/20/2019
  • Listed Projected Release Date*: 4/22/2012
  • Flat Time Served in TDCJ*: 2.83 years or 23.24% of term
  • Statistics for Offenders with Same Offense of MAN DEL CS PG 1>4G<200G:
  • With the same offense: 8114 Offenders Avg Term w/ same offense: 13 Years
  • Max Term w/ same offense: 99 Years Min Term w/ same offense: 0 Years
  • Avg Time Spent: 3.00 Years Avg % of Time Spent to Term: 23.08%

Where Does Parolee Plan to Reside? He will reside in the guest house on the property of a family friend, (My Name), located at 1XX2 XXX Road, (City), Texas 78XXX, in (This) County. See Housing Confirmation for details of property.

Will There Be Minor Children in the Residence? Yes. (My name) has 3 children, ages 1X years, X years, and X years. The older two children view Charles as their Uncle and have known him since birth. (Inmate) has not met the X year old boy yet.

Is There an Alternate Place Parolee Can Reside If Needed? Yes. If the Parole Board or Parole Officer request an alternate residence, (Inmate) may reside with his mother, (His Moms Name) at XXX7 Oak XXXXXXXXX, (City), Texas 78XXX.

Does Parolee Have a High School Diploma? (Inmate) has completed classes for and earned his GED while in the Custody of TDCJ.

What Classes and Personal Improvement Activities Has Parolee Participated In While Incarcerated? In addition to completing his GED, (Inmate) has taken substance abuse classes, participated in AA meetings while in Bexar County, gathered information on College classes from Florida State University and University of Central Arkansas. He is also currently approved for the class, CHANGES. Free Consultation

Does Parolee Have a Trade or Skill to assist in obtaining employment? (Inmate) has previous sales experience as well as strong computer skills. He has also gathered information on The XXXXX County Mens Job Corp in (City), where he qualifies for free job skills training.

What Employment Opportunities Does Parolee Have or Plan To Pursue? (Inmate) prefers to find a job in (City), where he will be living. The job market is strong in (City), with the continual growth of the San Antonio Outskirts in that direction. (Inmate) has been offered an opportunity to work with a San Antonio Based Power Washing Company and will take that position if he is unable to find an opportunity in (City) with in two months from his release. Free Consultation

How Will Family Members Be Participating or Available To Assist in the Parolee's Release Plan? (Inmate) has a very supportive family. His mother, who visits him regularly and currently puts money on his books every month, will continue to help financially support her son, spend time with him, and ensure his needs are met. His sister, (His Sister's Name), who is in the US Air Force and currently stationed at Lackland, will assist in purchasing him clothes, spend time with and offer guidance for him, and assist with transportation for him as needed. He also has the love and support of his 16 year old sister, his grandma, his cousins and his aunt. (Inmate) also has a very supportive close family friend, (My Name), who has known him for 15 years that, in addition to housing and transportation, will provide (Inmate) with emotional and moral support as well as food and clothing. Free Consultation

What Other Activities and Organizations Does Parolee Plan on Attending or Participating In? (Inmate) will be attending XXXX XXXXXX Church on IHXX, between San Antonio and (City). In addition to weekend services, they have a very active young adults group and men's group for men in their 30s. (Inmate) will also be attending 12 step meetings, such as AA, NA, and Celebrate Recovery in (City) and (Another City) at a minimum of 3-4 times a week. Also, as mentioned earlier, (Inmate) would like to attend Job Skills Classes at XXXX County Men's Job Corp or pursue a degree at an accredited college. Free Consultation

Brief Description of Parolee's Future Goals: (Inmate) looks forward to redeveloping a relationship with his sons, his niece and nephews, and continuing to develop even stronger relationships with his mom and sisters. He plans to find a job so he can pay child support and provide for himself. By working hard and continually developing his skills, he plans to continue to find better and better opportunities as time passes. Eventually he would like to pursue a degree in counseling and start a career as a substance abuse counselor, where he can take his experiences and the lessons he's learned while in TDCJ and using it to help others make better decisions with their lives than those he made in his past. Free Consultation

Closing Comments: (Inmate) has grown a lot as a person and turned his life around during his time in TDCJ. He would be very grateful for the opportunity to rejoin society and be there for his family and for his sons. He has a strong support system that will help keep him on the right track as he transitions into his new life. (Inmate) is a good person who made some bad decisions in his past, but he has learned from them and is ready to move forward. Please allow him the opportunity to make us all proud by granting his parole and sending him home. Thank you for your time and your consideration. Free Consultation

Basic outline to create a parole packet

1. Names, addresses, and phone numbers of relatives who are offering the inmate a place to stay. Do not limit the list to just names and addresses-be specific. Say, “Jane Doe, my aunt, lives at 1234 Somesuch Street in Dallas. This is a three bedroom home, and also living with my aunt are her seventeen year old daughter, and my Uncle, John, who has his own plumbing company, John’s Reliable Plumbing, telephone, (555) 222-2222. My aunt volunteers at Calvary First Church, is active in the PTA and can be reached at (555) 222-2222.” The board seeks information on which to make its decisions – the more detailed and specific you are, the better.

2. Names, addresses, and phone numbers of people or corporations offering the inmate employment. Letters from them are also important.

3. A written history of the inmates’ prior employment.

4. A written history of the inmate’s educational achievements, both in the free-world and in prison. Include certificates and copies of diplomas.

5. The inmate’s legal history, including both juvenile and adult crimes, and prison disciplinary history. Yes, the board likely has a copy of all this, but including it allows an inmate to address his history and include remorse and justification or mitigation. Free Consultation

6. A written goal statement, outlining immediate goals, six month goals, first-year goals and long term goals, which allows them to discern the believability of the planning. Include educational, occupational, and personal goals. Free Consultation

7. Letters from every person who can attest to the inmate’s positive qualities. These letters need not say, “ I believe the board should release Inmate Jones” They can simply say, “ I believe Inmate Jones is a good person and displays good work habits and has always exhibited a good attitude.” Supply anything that might convince the board that this inmate has positive qualities and has the backing of his/her friends, family, and community should be included. Free Consultation

You should put the package together with inmate’s help and mail it to the parole board at least one year* before he/she is eligible for review. Update it constantly. Add to it. If and when the inmate receives a set-off, write more letters. Express your disappointment with the decision, and say that while you understand their reasons, you want to reiterate your support for that inmate. There are some people who will encourage you to hire a parole lawyer. Parole lawyers will do essentially the same things in this outline. However, if you know that neither you nor the inmate possesses the skills, time, or initiative to put the packet together, and you can afford the attorney, go ahead, because the package is essential. Free Consultation

In no way are we suggesting that you build & submit a parole package yourself. Many experts suggest that over 85% of inmates approved for parole received the services of a Texas Parole Attorney. Free Consultation