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Welcome to Texas Parole Package, your resource for information about obtaining parole and how to stop parole violations. Please browse through the site, you will find a wealth of information regarding parole packages, parole hearings, parole violations, life after prison, including why you should hire a Texas parole attorney. Finally, if you would like to learn more about the requirements of a parole package, you can read about the best parole packages, what to expect at the parole hearing and the impacts of choosing the wrong Texas Parole Lawyer. Free Consultation

Texas Parole Package – Your Comprehensive Parole Resource

To improve chances of release when you or a family member is comes up for parole before the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, you should hire an experienced parole law firm to represent you. While there is no requirement that you have a parole lawyer represent you before the board, statistics show that chances improve when you hire an experienced parole lawyer. Most people need a well qualified parole lawyer to create convincing parole package to present to the members of the board. Free Consultation

We represent clients throughout Texas, and our parole lawyers will show you many examples of successful parole packages and the requirements needed to convince the board to release you or a family member. To sit down and speak with our parole attorneys about your options, Contact us today for a Free Evaluation. Free Consultation

It is Important to Speak to Us at Least a Year Before a Parole Hearing

The sooner you speak to us, the better. It takes time to create an outstanding parole package that accurately represents such matters as where a person is going to live and work when released, the inmate's record while in jail and to establish that the client will not pose a risk to the community. Thoroughness matters when it comes to parole packages. The more complete your parole board representation package is, the more likely it will convince the board to release you on parole. Free Consultation

You must provide the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles with a parole package six months before your scheduled review. To complete a thorough parole package, it is critical that we begin gathering evidence and support letters at least a year before your review.

You Should Not Create a Parole Package on Your Own

It is important to hire an experienced parole package attorney to make sure the board considers all relevant factors when deciding to release an inmate. We will work closely with you and family members to make sure an inmate is placed in the best possible light. We will help devise a parole plan to satisfy the board. Free Consultation

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